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a.o.c. cabardès

East Wind, West Wind

The Cabardès is a region situated to the west of Languedoc and to the south of the central massif, a geologist's dream, balanced between east and west, the sun and the coolness, the heathland and the mountain.

It is here that the winds cross. They bring the intense mediterranean heat necessary for southern "cépages" (grape types) such as syrah and grenache, and the cool atlantic humidity for the ocean "cépages": merlot, cabernet-sauvignon, cabernet-franc, cot and fer-servadou, to prosper.

The vineyards and wines of Cabardès have been recognized as AOC since february 1999. The quality of the grapes, the wine-making, the blending of the "cépages" and the keeping of the wines has allowed us to obtain the best balance between fruit and structure, fullness and complexity, intensity and elegance.

Cabardès assembles 30 châteaux and domaines over 500 productive hectares spread amongst 18 villages. 20000 hectolitres are produced each year,of which 60% are exported.

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œnotourisme (wine tourism

you will find 25 tourist sites, chambres d’hôtes, restaurants and lodges which are linked to 15 wine-cellars where these wines of sun, fruit and freshness can be tasted. Just ask for « The Cabardès Winetrail », from any of the participants along this way. There are many footpaths to discover the local nature and the vines.
Cabardès is a superb region for œnotourisme, still being developed. So why not profit by organizing a holiday in this area so rich in heritage and history, the varied landscapes and peacefulness, as well as the originality of its wines.
On foot, on horseback, bicycle or by car, all are great way to discover Cabardès.

A little advice for those who would like to do wine tastings in groups:
avoid large groups, 20 people at most for the space available at most local "caves" (wine-cellars). Try to travel together; most "caves" have spittoons but not everyone uses them! don't plan to visit too many "caves" in one day; 2 or 3 per day is reasonable, as more time is often spent than foreseen, plus travelling time. Above all, try to alternate tastings with visits to tourist sites and restaurants. You can extend the circuit to include other regions such as Minervois, Malepère, Corbières, Limoux, all within reasonable distance and their own individual characteristics.


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